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I'm a flute, whistle and clarinet player from the Scottish Borders (also bash out a few tunes on the fiddle sometimes too). I live and work in Edinburgh as a private music teacher, lead workshops for the Scots Music Group, The Youth Music Initiative and also teach students on the Newcastle University Folk Degree course.

I enjoy performing with my band Holiday Club, co founded with fiddle player Luisa Brown. Holiday Club was created in 2018 with the aim to have fun abroad, playing gigs and meeting local musicians. This led us to winning the Runas competition at the Festival de Ortigueira in Galicia in July 2022. We have an exciting summer ahead with a headline gig at the festival in 2023.

I'll soon be starting my own project “Divergence,” a showcase of using the silver boehm system flute in traditional music. I aim to promote the use of non-traditional instruments in traditional music.



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