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Holiday Club - Live at Rubrifolkum Barcelona 2020

Holiday Club LIVE on hols in sunny Spain! Here we are at Rubrifolkum festival in Sant Boi de Llobregat 7th March 2020 - come have a wee dance along!

Huge thanks to Ricard Ros for inviting us and providing a five day hoolie, Roberto Ledesma for joining the party and recording us live, Jack Badcock and Migui Carballido for their talents and taking in a tonne of new music, plus all the awesome Catalans for their generosity, their artichokes, their efforts to sing along to a guinea pig song, and their warm vibes.

Roberto Ledesma (Tito) - Live Recording, mixing, mastering
Nick Zuppardi - Artwork

Luisa Brown - Fiddle
Freya Rae - Whistles/Flutes
Jack Badcock - Guitar
Migui Carballido - Bodhran

Koterana by Iain Fraser released March 2023

An epic album composed and arranged by Iain Fraser for 18 musicians from across Scotland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand 

Listen and buy here Kōterana | Iain Fraser

Curlicue released in 2015 

"Freya Rae & Louis Bingham’s Curlicue certainly lives up to its title: its musical twists and turns reflect the decorative curls and swirls often seen in calligraphy and architecture, enhanced by a multi-tracked depth that demands focused attention. This exhaustingly foot-tapping, head-nodding collection of captivating tunes is a magnificent debut that rewards the listener enormously on repeated plays" 

Roy Spencer, Folk Radio UK 

Birlinn Jiarg - Seamount released in 2016

"Seamount, the debut album from instrumental quartet Birlinn Jiarg is a slow burner that gradually grows into an uninhibited love-song to Manx music. Featuring both traditional Manx tunes and originals by the founder of the group Beccy Hurst, Seamount is a deft mix of the old and the new, delivering something fresh without losing sight of the heritage that forms its foundations."

James Mottram - Bright Young Folk

Listen and buy Seamount on Bandcamp - Seamount | Birlinn Jiarg (

Simo Lagnawi - The Gnawa Berber released 2014

Seamlessly infusing his Berber origins with deep gnawa grooves, Simo Lagnawi's trance-inducing music is an unstoppable expression of freedom and liberation.

Freya guests on the track Sma. 

Tom Kitching - Interloper released in 2015

"The most beautiful instrumental playing of the year"
Sunday Express Albums of the year.

Marit Fält - Latmandola
Freya Rae - Flute and Clarinet
Jim Molyneux - Percussion

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