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Holiday Club - Live at Rubrifolkum Barcelona 2020

Holiday Club LIVE on hols in sunny Spain! Here we are at Rubrifolkum festival in Sant Boi de Llobregat 7th March 2020 - come have a wee dance along!

Huge thanks to Ricard Ros for inviting us and providing a five day hoolie, Roberto Ledesma for joining the party and recording us live, Jack Badcock and Migui Carballido for their talents and taking in a tonne of new music, plus all the awesome Catalans for their generosity, their artichokes, their efforts to sing along to a guinea pig song, and their warm vibes.

Roberto Ledesma (Tito) - Live Recording, mixing, mastering
Nick Zuppardi - Artwork

Luisa Brown - Fiddle
Freya Rae - Whistles/Flutes
Jack Badcock - Guitar
Migui Carballido - Bodhran

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Curlicue released in 2015 

"Freya Rae & Louis Bingham’s Curlicue certainly lives up to its title: its musical twists and turns reflect the decorative curls and swirls often seen in calligraphy and architecture, enhanced by a multi-tracked depth that demands focused attention. This exhaustingly foot-tapping, head-nodding collection of captivating tunes is a magnificent debut that rewards the listener enormously on repeated plays" 

Roy Spencer, Folk Radio UK 

Birlinn Jiarg - Seamount released in 2016

"Seamount, the debut album from instrumental quartet Birlinn Jiarg is a slow burner that gradually grows into an uninhibited love-song to Manx music. Featuring both traditional Manx tunes and originals by the founder of the group Beccy Hurst, Seamount is a deft mix of the old and the new, delivering something fresh without losing sight of the heritage that forms its foundations."

James Mottram - Bright Young Folk

Listen and buy Seamount on Bandcamp - Seamount | Birlinn Jiarg (

Simo Lagnawi - The Gnawa Berber released 2014

Seamlessly infusing his Berber origins with deep gnawa grooves, Simo Lagnawi's trance-inducing music is an unstoppable expression of freedom and liberation.

Freya guests on the track Sma. 

Tom Kitching - Interloper released in 2015

"The most beautiful instrumental playing of the year"
Sunday Express Albums of the year.

Marit Fält - Latmandola
Freya Rae - Flute and Clarinet
Jim Molyneux - Percussion

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