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During the 2020 lockdown I focused on keeping busy and gave myself a challenge to write a tune a week. To my surprise my motivation lasted 20 weeks!

Here are a few of these tunes in various stages of arrangement. More tunes and videos will be added soon.


My project "Divergence" will be putting some of these tunes to the test. 

Port in a Storm was written about moving into a larger house after the first 4 months of the Covid Pandemic. Our tiny flat just wasn't cutting it with everyone working from home.

Marit Fält suggested that this Scandinavian inspired tune would sound good with a harmony in 6ths. I agree! 

Owlets was written for the baby Tawny owls living on Arthurs Seat in the summer of 2020. 

The Dragon of Ortigueira was written to celebrate the incredible Festival de Ortigueira in northern Galicia. 


Aye Yew is a play on words. It commemorates the Ormiston Yew Tree, but also plays on the Scottish saying to get attention  "oye you" 

Chord arrangement by Rob Truswell

Beetroot is by far the best vegetable. It deserves a tune!

Broon's was written for Luisa Brown's Birthday in 2020. 

For all the cats on Myrtle Terrace. 

A wee tune for Paddy Duncan. Rest well x

A very beautiful street in Edinburgh 

The size of my room during the first four months of 2020. 

A holiday in Portugal took a bad turn on a beach with a stomach virus. 

The name of our friends Casa just north of Barcelona. First of two tunes

The name of our friends Casa just north of Barcelona. Second of two tunes

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