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Holiday Club - "Lively, contemporary traditional music at its freshest." 


Festival de Ortigueira 2022

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Holiday Club was formed in 2018 by friends from Edinburgh who share a love of travelling whilst playing music together.

Luisa Brown and Freya Rae are at the forefront of Holiday Club as composers and performers. They play with a large roster of accompanying musicians on guitar and bodhran who join them for gigs and sunny holidays!

To listen to their live album please follow the icon links for Spotify or Bandcamp and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see updates from adventures. 

"Holiday Club carries with it a lost art in the whole understanding of what music should be. Top class instrumentals and songs with a real emphasis on enjoyment. There is no doubt they are ambassadors of the platform to the absolute pinnacle." 

Innes Watson - Scottish professional multi-instrumentalist. 

Animate Lands with Dougie Mackay - Storyteller

Animate Lands is a show commissioned by Interpreting Scotland. It is an exploration into the relationship between story, music and landscape, and how the Fianna myth cycle offers glimpses into an ancient animistic culture on these islands.


"Journey into Animate Lands to experience a fresh and joyful take on Celtic lore and Scotland’s landscape. Meet with Finn, Ossian, Grainne and Diarmaid, as today’s storytellers and artists take up their tales in the original locations, which are evoked in real time artwork and music.

It’s an audience pleaser with authenticity graced by light touch and honest humor. Animate Lands was commissioned for the 2022 Storytelling Festival in Scotland’s Year of Stories, but it is a storytelling classic that will go on giving to new audiences."

Donald Smith, Director, Scottish International Storytelling Festival

Following a sold out performance at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2022, Animate Lands will be making a comeback this year!

Follow Dougie for updates Dougie Mackay Storyteller | Facebook

Koterana with Iain Fraser 

Gorbals Sound, August 2022

Koterana album - release March 2023.


Iain Fraser was inspired by the story of Rev Norman McLeod and his congregation. They emigrated from Scotland to Canada and Australia, finally resting in New Zealand in the 19th Century.  

He first came across the story at the Waipu Scottish Migration Museum in the North Island, NZ.  Subsequently he wrote music aiming to capture the sense of place evoked by each of the main communities McLeod and his congregation lived in. 


The resulting album involves 18 musicians, some of whom are based in Canada and New Zealand. Most of the music is newly composed but some older Gaelic, Cape Breton and New Zealand tunes are also included. This community was Gaelic speaking and the town of Waipu still had native (learned from their parents) Gaelic speakers as recently as a generation ago.


The piece was first performed in Waipu by the Auckland Scottish Fiddle Club and friends in 2016, which coincided with the 150th anniversary of McLeod’s death. Thanks to Creative Scotland support, an album of the music will now be available for the first time.

Freya Rae & Siannie Moodie - Flute and Clàrsach 

Freya and Siannie started playing together in the Edinburgh session scene in 2019.

They are now available for private bookings: festivals, pub gigs, folk clubs, weddings, receptions, functions and such like. You might even be lucky enough to catch them in the Longhouse at Knockengorroch Festival, where they hold down a cracking session! 

These three jigs are all composed by the infamous Tom McElvogue from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Filmed by Krzysztof Globisz 

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